Best places to get a job downunder

Heading downunder and wanting a job? Here’s a top 5 list of places to look. Make sure you have your paperwork done before you come.

Grape harvest, Clare Valley, South Australia

1. Fruitpicking
If you didn’t know already, Australia has a big agricultural industry and seasonal workers are required on farms all around the country. That means you! If you think you have what it takes to pick apples, bananas, grapes or other fruits/veges and don’t mind getting dirty and sweaty there’s plenty of good information out there to get you started. In Australia you can freecall the National Harvest Information Service on 1800 062 332. Another useful online resource is The Harvest Trail, the official government job search website. It provides details of the season work in regional areas around Australia. You could also check these websites for insider details:
Alternatively you could join an organization like WOOF (Workers on organic farms) for working in a largely voluntary capacity.

Weekend action on Bondi Beach, Sydney

2. Capital cities
You’re almost guaranteed work in one of Australia’s big capital cities. That means places like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. You could waiter/waitress, barrister, chef, be a secretary or work in almost any other occupation of your choice.  That means you could live at Bondi Beach, surf in the morning and then go to work at a local cafe or bookshop. If you’re looking for work places to go include Australia’s Centrelink locations, although first time visitors might also want to look at sites like these:

3. On the coast
Like to surf or hang by the sea? Well Australia’s seaside locations are often bursting to full in the summer months and are the ideal spot to look for casual work. You could head to Byron Bay on the northern New South Wales coast to work in retail or hospitality, maybe up to Airlie Beach to an island resort or Cairns to a sports based industry like scuba diving so you can just hang by the Great Barrier Reef. There’s miles of coastline to choose from!

Camel Cup, Alice Springs

4. The Red Centre
Alice Springs has become something of a hub for international travellers, particularly those that want to go right into the heart of Central Australia, get to know its indigenous population and get to grips with its landscapes. It’s become so popular it’s hard to find an Aussie behind a bar, cafe or restaurant these days! There are numerous backpackers, hotels, tourism operators, retail and dining outlets that need workers each year.

5.Remote and rugged

Ringer working in the dust on an outback station, Northern Territory

Looking for something more off the beaten track with a real experience of the Australian outback and its farming traditions? Or perhaps you’ve romanticized McLeod’s Daughters? Well this could be your chance as cattle stations are often looking for willing hands on their properties. That means you will be happy to work long hours, live without some modern technologies and work hard. Check out these links for some options:

This is the first in a series of “Best Places” blogs that will feature downunder locations. If you’ve always wondered where the best place was to surf the east coast, go on a camping trip, spend New Year’s Eve and get a job in Australia keep checking back for our “Best Places” series.


Hope you’re enjoying the VIP Backpacker’s Travel Blog. There’ll be an update added every other Friday, so keep tuning in to keep your travel dreams alive! If there are any travel topics you want covered feel free to contact me, Jo, at

9 thoughts on “Best places to get a job downunder

  1. VIP hostels are owned by locals and are used by a lot of local employers as an unofficial recruitment service. Employers usually ask the hostel for recommendations because they have watched who is staying with them – who seems reliable and how doesn’t. They are a really good source of jobs that are often never advertised and why backpackers don’t hear about too many jobs once they stop staying in hostels. If you do move out, make sure you stay friends with someone still on the inside!

  2. Other good backpacker job sites free for travelers to access include

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  4. Well, sitting on a pretty remote island in south east asia, Internet is often the only way to get information. thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Thanks for the information. I admit I was looking for something different and ended up here, but I appreciated the read, cheers 🙂

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