New Zealand the world’s safest country

The 2010 Global Peace Index ratings came out this week, putting New Zealand on top of the list for the second year in a row.

For those of us that have been to the fabulous nation, this will come as no suprise. Not only are there no biting snakes, spiders, ants or other predators as there are across the ditch in Australia; but there’s really very little to worry about at all.
New Zealand has good race relations, a low defence budget and good international diplomacy. Meanwhile Australia came in on the 19th spot, which is an improvement from recent years and not too bad out of the 149 nations canvassed.

Here are our top 5 reasons to visit New Zealand, beyond the fact it’s the world’s safest country:

1. Winter sports
New Zealand has some killer ski slopes and with the winter season underway this is a great time to head over
2. Fantastic hiking
Renowned for its “tramping”, the Department of Conservation has a network of well maintained trails all over the North and South Island with serviced huts you can stay in. With views of glaciers, mountains, lakes and valleys to enjoy from the trails, these are the ultimate way of walking into wilderness.
3. Maori culture
Attend a Maori hangi in places like Rotorua or get to know the fabulous indigenous culture of the islands.
4. Thermal activity
Take a hot bath around Taupo or Rotorua in natural hot springs, see some of the active vents and smell the eggy gases.
5. Adventure sports

It’s not just Queenstown that offers up a diet of thrills and spills. All over the country you can white water raft, jet boat, fly fish, hike, bike, zorb, bungy and sky dive.

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