Best winter festivals in Australia

Wild camel races, bush poetry, film festivals and waterless boat events are just some of the activities taking place this winter around Australia. Here’s 10 of the upcoming festivities you should consider visiting if you’re in the land down under.

Alice Springs Camel Cup

1. Alice Springs Camel Cup (NT), 10th July
If you’ve never seen the cantakerous and smelly camel take to the race track you should head to Alice Springs next month for a day of dusty entertainment.

2. The Revelation Perth Film Festival, Perth (WA), 8-18th July
Features over 100 signature works in Perth with about 30 debut films and some world premiere’s with narratives, documentaries, short films, animated works, live performance and experimentation. Don’t miss it!

3. Melbourne International Film Festival (VIC), 22nd July – 8th August
MIFF is an iconic Melbourne event and features films from about 50 countries with world and Australian cinema on show. It’s a veritable film feast over 17 days with a backdrop of parties and the city of Melbourne.

4. Kimberley Writers Festival (WA) 25-27th July
A three day event in WA’s northern regions, this festival focuses on the written, spoken, illustrated and performed word. Take part in workshops, concerts, author readings and music.

The colourful Nimbin museum

5. Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup 2010 (NSW), 31st July – 1st August
If you fancy yourself as a poet you might like to head to this village-sized town and vy for the $6000 prize pool. This will be the 8th annual festival.

6. Ned Kelly Weekend Festival 2010, Beechworth (VIC), 6-8th August
For a chance to get in touch with the famous folklore surrounding bushranger Ned Kelly head to Beechworth for a three day program of re-enactments, theatre, art, music, displays, market stalls, competitions and talks about the notorious man. You’ll see the original armour worn by the gang this year at the event commemorating the 130th anniversary of Kelly’s trial and execution.

7. Beer Can Regatta, Darwin (NT), 8th August
If you have some empty beer cans and you’re near Darwin, this might be a good way to use them up – simply make a boat and enter this race. Of course you might sink, flounder or fail but that’s all part of the fun.

8. Henley-on-Todd Regatta, Alice Springs (NT), 21st August
There might not be water for miles around but it doesn’t stop Alice Springs holding this regatta. Originally inspired by the famous Henley-on-Thames race in the UK, this one’s held on the dry Todd River with competitors in bottomless tubs.

9. Quilpie Street Party, Quilpie (QLD), 31st August
Part of the Birdsville racing festivities, this one takes place on Tuesday before the weekend event with music, stalls, wool bale races and a variety of other races.

Windorah International Yabbie Races

10. Windorah International Yabby Races, (QLD), 1st September
The world’s slowest championship race is held the Wednesday night before the Birdsville Races as crowds race local crustaceans, yabbies, outside the pub.


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6 thoughts on “Best winter festivals in Australia

    • The yabby races are definitely worth checking out, they also hold them in one of the Charleville caravan parks, not a world championship, but races nonetheless. Good fun.

    • The yabby races are definitely worth checking out, they also hold them in one of the Charleville caravan parks, not a world championship, but races nonetheless. Good fun. Hope you get to them one day.

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