Idling time away in Hoi An

As per my last post, I’ve been riding a motorbike through Vietnam and promised to feature some of the VIP destinations in Vietnam in case you’ve never considered the country in your VIP travels.

Hoi An is located on the central coast of Vietnam and is one of the best places in the country to idle away a few days. It’s also part of the VIP network so you can enjoy discounted accommodation and then the sights.
Here are just some of the highlights of a visit to Hoi An:

Japanese Covered Bridge, Hoi An,

* Explore the quaint riverside town once home to Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and other traders. Many of the colourful waterfront houses were converted to warehouses and living quarters by them. The Chinese have left a particular legacy with temples and congregational halls. There is also a splendid 16th Century Japanese covered bridge.

* Enjoy some of Vietnam’s finest foods including a tremendous variety of seafood. Hoi An has a number of restaurants that provide cooking courses, you learn a 3-course meal, cook it and eat it aftewards.

Woman with chickens,

* Idulge in some retail in one of the many tailor made clothing or shoe shops. Have a suit, dress, skirt, shirt or any other piece of clothing made to your specifications.

* Wander the fabulous markets to purchase anything from live toads and chickens to battered bananas and fresh coffee.

* Head down to the nearby beach for some sun and sand.

* Get a boat to cross the river to nearby islands.

My Son on a wet day,

* Visit the ancient religious centre of My Son (dating from the late 4th to 13th Centuries), about 50km away.

The next post will feature Hanoi.


Hope you’re enjoying the VIP Backpacker’s Travel Blog. There’ll be an update added every other Friday, so keep tuning in to keep your travel dreams alive! If there are any travel topics you want covered feel free to contact me, Jo, at


2 thoughts on “Idling time away in Hoi An

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  2. I bought far too much stuff in Hoi An when I was there but am glad I did. Lovely people and fantastic food, we also did a great cooking course. My advice would be to arrive with room in your suitcase and your belly as well as you’ll leave proverbially stuffed in both cases!

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