The world’s sexiest accent

Traveller’s might want to take note of Lonely Planet‘s recent attempt to discover what the world’s sexiest accent is. The poll was taken around Valentines Day using 700 responses.

So who won the poll? Well take a look at the graph below courtesy of Lonely Planet – the Spanish came in on top followed by the French. Surprisingly Australian accents also made the top 5 and out rated the Italians!

Please see the Lonely Planet blog for full details.

And once you have, tell us which accent does it for you!


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3 thoughts on “The world’s sexiest accent

  1. Interesting results. I have to say I love Irish and Scottish accents but only if I can actually understand what they’re saying!! Can’t say I think Aussie accents are sexy but perhaps they’re attached to a kind of male bravado image people have of Australians.

    I think my pick would be for French spoken in a very sultry way, not that peg-on-the-nose type way!

  2. Eek English? Wouldn’t put that in and glad American English isn’t in there at all.

    Some of those Russian gals are pretty cute, particularly the one who just won the Sports Illustrated calendar spot…

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