Photo gallery: 2011 Chinchilla melon fest

As promised in the previous blog on Queensland festivals, here are some images from the 17-20 February melon fest in Chinchilla.

It was a messy weekend featuring a distinctively sticky red melon theme with events like melon skiing, melon bungy, melon spitting, melon smashing, melon dashing, melon ironman, melon chariot races and all things melon in general.

Melon skiing. Holes are cut into the melon skins for your feet, the idea is to hang onto the rope and stay upright for the full length of the plastic canvas. A lot harder than it looks! Pic: Joanne Lane,

Melon bungy. In this event four competitors are roped together and each must try to get to a watermelon in their corner. That is difficult enough and you can cause more mayhem by grabbing other people's ropes as well. Pic: Joanne Lane,

Melon chariot race. Teams of three had to put together a chariot and race a team mate around collecting melons on the way. Pic: Joanne Lane,

Melon pip spitting. Hock it up and spit it out as far as you can. The winner spat it over 10m! Pic: Joanne Lane,

Melon inspired fashion. Pic: Joanne Lane,

To see more images from the weekend see my photographic blog on Visited Planet also.


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