World Cup cricket review

While the World Cup is well underway now, there’s still time to check out the action.

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If you haven’t seen it yet here are some snippets from one of the Indian and Sri Lankan host cities where there is still some action to be held.

Mumbai train station. Pic: Joanne Lane,

Mumbai, India
Mumbai is home to Bollywood and that alone is probably reason to visit for all the glitz and glamour of the studios! We all know it as India’s entertainment capital but it’s also something of an economic powerhouse and this has attracted huge numbers of migrants from all over India making it the second most populous city in the world. It hums, creaks, churns and froths but it’s also a city that gets under your skin. The potpouri of cultures makes for interesting eating and markets, there are some wonderful architectural features such as the main railway station and plenty of swish bars and restaurants.

And despite the population density the city only allows the polluting rickshaws in some suburbs while public transport is 88 percent of passenger traffic and taxis and rickshaws must run on compressed natural gas. It also has some good natural features such as its coastal location, various rivers and lakes, and deep harbour.

And it should go off for the final on 2 April!

Accommodation: Hotel Singhs, Hotel Singhs International, Hotel Pearl
Fixtures in Mumbai: 13 Mar, 18 Mar, 2 Apr (FINAL)

Sri Lanka's tea country. Pic: Joanne Lane,

Colombo, Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan capital is probably where you’ll first land in the nation and a superb base to get acquainted with the country before heading off elsewhere. You could easily enjoy the seafront, various markets, mosques and temples, museums, verdant gardens, colonial buildings and great shopping over a couple of days. Make sure you explore areas such as the Fort, Pettah, Galle Face Green and Cinnamon Gardens.

Colombo is one of the few urban environments to enjoy in the nation as Sri Lanka is mostly rural.

Accommodation: River Garden Resort – Belihul Oya, Ranjit’s Ambalama
Fixtures in Colombo: 26 Feb, 1 Mar, 3 Mar, 5 Mar, 19 Mar, 24 Mar, 29 Mar

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In the meantime tell us what you think of the recent matches, who your favourite team is and who is looking good as the final approaches!


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