10 things to fall in love with about NZ

It’s been a very love-NZ week here for me. I’ve been busy sending out posts in support of the #blog4nz campaign and even though it finished on March 23, I figure I’ve still got to do my bit on behalf of the VIP Backpackers blog. We are a huge supporter of all things Kiwi and just can’t get enough of the place and I hope you feel the same way!

Blog4NZ is a social media campaign that asked travel writers and bloggers to do their bit this week to promote NZ tourism in the wake of the Christchurch earthquake.

It was a fantastic idea and one that seemed to do pretty well out in cyberspace. Search for the hashtag #blog4nz on Twitter to read some of the responses – you may even find some I wrote for Visited Planet or Asian Correspondent.

I’ve been to NZ quite a few times and here are 10 of the things I think you’ll also fall in love with about the place:

1. Home away from home
Those Kiwis are just so friendly I never really feel I’ve left Australia. That is meant in the kindest possible way. New Zealanders are really decent, down-to-earth and straight-forward and if you go, I’m sure you’ll have the same experience. They make you feel very much at home.

Milford Sound. Pic: Joanne Lane, http://www.visitedplanet.com

2.  Breathtaking sights
NZ is full of drop-dead-gorgeous lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys, forests and landscapes. Around every corner is another waterfall, a glacier, a snowy view, an alpine lake, a fantastic trail to walk or a wonderful camping spot. Take your camera and lots of memory card space – you’ll need it!

3. Adrenalin-inducing madness
If you’ve come to NZ looking for adventure you’ll find it. Queenstown is touted as the adventure capital of the world but the whole place is full of fun stuff to do. You could sea kayak in the Abel Tasman, go white water rafting near Rotorua, bungy jump near Cromwell, ride a bike along the Otago Central Rail Trail, cruise through Milford Sound, hike the Tongariro Crossing and more…

4WD in the Arrow River near Arrowtown. Pic: Joanne Lane, http://www.visitedplanet.com

4. Affordability
I’ve heard Europeans say time and time again just how affordable things are in New Zealand. Prices are similar enough to Australia that I’ve never really noticed either way but if that’s what our European friends say then maybe you should check it out!

5. Rural heaven
In today’s modernising and urbanising world, it’s wonderful to visit a place that is so earthy, green and natural. NZ offers that in bountiful amounts. Head to NZ and enjoy being totally submersed in one of the world’s most beautiful environments.

6. Quality tourism
We offer a ton of travel products at VIP Backpackers – just search our database – and from my own experience I can say that the Kiwi’s are pretty faultless on the tourism they deliver. There

are excellent hostels, camp grounds, hotels and B&Bs with clean, well-serviced and excellent facilities. And their tourism providers know the weather, conditions, locations and everything else to make your canoeing, jet boating, hiking or other experience truly safe, fun and memorable. They are very professional while also making it fun.

Kayking in Doubtful Sound. Pic: Joanne Lane, http://www.visitedplanet.com

7. Nothing’s too far away
Many people that visit NZ do so on the same trip as one to Australia. And one of the key differences between the two is that in NZ nothing’s too far away. Distances in Australia are huge, in NZ they’re more around-the-corner. You won’t spend hours and hours in the car between sights here.

8. Great temperatures
It can get cool and wet in New Zealand but for the majority of visitors it’s probably just about perfect. If you’re from the northern hemisphere the winters probably won’t seem so bad and besides they provide such great skiing conditions in winter. While the summers are neither startling hot or humid. Enjoy!

9. Variety is the spice of life
From the great beaches way up north, to the fantastic thermal activity around Rotorua and Taupo, to the south island’s alpine mountains and glaciers; there is such a variety of sights and experiences to be had in New Zealand.

10. Waiting for you
Tourism brings in about 10 percent of GDP to the New Zealand economy. And given what they’ve been through in recent months they’re going to need that this year more than ever. We’ve all watched with horror what unfolded in Christchurch and if you’ve felt compelled to do anything for your Kiwi friends this year, then jump on a plane and head on over. They’re waiting to give you the best holiday of your life!

Please take a look through some of our previous blogs about NZ if you feel really inspired… And why not fill us in on your favourite NZ travel moments?


Hope you’re enjoying the VIP Backpacker’s Travel Blog. There’ll be an update added every other Friday, so keep tuning in to keep your travel dreams alive! If there are any travel topics you want covered feel free to contact me, Jo, at blog@vipbackpackers.com


5 thoughts on “10 things to fall in love with about NZ

  1. My favourite place in NZ is Queenstown. I could definitely move there. So much to do all year round – ski in winter, hike in summer, mountain bike in autumn, go wine tasting, bungy jump etc. Such a fun place.

  2. The best ever hike I did in NZ was the Kepler Track. Milford was booked out so did this instead, the weather was fantastic so we had great views and it was just beautiful on the ridge. Highly recommended.

  3. Around Dunedin pretty sweet, all the wildlife on the Otago peninsula. also noticed you metioned that bike ride in Otago, that is so awesome i really enjoyed it. you can rent the bikes over there and accommodation all along the way. rad

  4. Did that kayak in doubtful sound like in your picture. Beautiful place, so much quieter than milford. If you have the money for it recommedn that trip.

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