List your top 10 favourite New Zealand places

We’ve been on a bit of a NZ love fest of late. We think the Kiwis aren’t a bad mob and we’d like to support their push for tourism in the aftermath of the earthquake.

In the May newsletter, that came out today, we’ve written a top 10 list of places we think should be on an itinerary to NZ.

While the list is based a lot on my experiences in NZ, I’m hoping I’ve picked some of your favourites as well.

Here’s one sneak preview:

Go thermal in Rotorua
If you’ve been travelling for awhile there’s nothing better than sitting back in the hot pools of Rotorua and having a good soak to let those weary bones recover. For those that are more active there are plenty of good mountain biking trails, trout fishing, walking tracks and lakes to explore in this region too.

Anyway I want to hear what your favourite New Zealand places are. Please write in with any places you would recommend or even make up a top list of your own to share with fellow VIP Backpackers…


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6 thoughts on “List your top 10 favourite New Zealand places

  1. My favourite NZ places are:
    1. Queenstown
    2. Any where in Fiordland National Park
    3. Dunedin
    4. Auckland
    5. Rotorua
    6. Taupo
    7. Marlborough Sounds area
    8. Christchurch
    9. Coromandel area
    10. Franz Josef glacier

  2. Without doubt Queenstown is my favourite. I agree with many places in your newsletter. Would probably add Taupo and some places on the west coast of the south island. Go NZ!!! Great place…

  3. How can you possibly pick a favorite place?!! My favorite city is probably Christchurch – so sad about the earthquake. My favorite walk is Kepler Track near Te Anau. My favorite lake would be Taupo. Favorite beach is that Hot Water one up near Auckland.

  4. Just to give readers an update from the newsletter. The places we selected in the top 10 (not in any particular order) were:
    Lake Wanaka
    Tongariro Crossing
    Otago Peninsula
    Hot Water Beach, Coromandel Peninsula
    Marlborough Sounds
    Otago Central Rail Trail
    Abel Tasman National Park.

    So feel free to email in your favourites!

  5. 1-Queenstown
    4-Banks Peninsula, Akaroa and Diamond Harbour
    5-Mount John stargazing
    6-Taranaki surf highway & forgotten world highway
    8-Mt Ruapehu, snowboarding
    9-The Catlins

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