Five warm places to spend winter in New Zealand

As per the previous blog on warm places in Australia, here are some places you won’t feel the cold too much if you head to New Zealand this year.

1. Hot water beach, Coromandel Peninsula
The one beach you won’t feel the cold in New Zealand is this one near Auckland. Come here at low tide and dig a hole in the sand to form a hot pool and bask to your hearts content.

2. Thermal springs, Rotorua
To avoid the winter chills you spend a day in warm water in Rotorua. With geysers, mud pools, hot springs and various steaming activities it’s definitely a good place to keep warm. The water is very therapeutic although it may leave you a little smelly afterwards.

3. Hastings, New Zealand
Hastings is officially the country’s warmest urban area. It has lots of sunshine hours and low rainfall. Go in March to watch the annual NZ Horse show.

4. New Zealand’s volcanoes
For a real warm, smoky experience of New Zealand’s geothermal activities visit Ruapehu, Tongariro, Ngauruhoe, White Island and Raul Island. The Tongariro Crossing is a hike that allows a particularly up close and personal experience with a volcano.

5. Hanmer Springs, South Island
This is another popular winter destination with thermal pools but this one is on the south island. The area also offers jet boating, fishing, rafting, sking, hiking, horse riding, hunting and mountain biking – all activities guaranteed to raise the temperature and heart rate!

Of course there is also first rate skiing, snowboarding and other winter pursuits across the country should you choose to embrace the best winter has to offer!


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