Wedding in the sky

I’ve been traipsing around Asia again of late and came across an article in Air Asia’s 360 magazine on a recent flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta. The headline for an article “Wedding in the sky” caught my eye and I thought it might be worth sharing with the rest of you should you have any ideas on the matter.

Apparently Thai AirAsia celebrated its seventh anniversary in February by hosting wedding ceremonies for seven couples.

The couples were chosen based on the love stories they submitted in the competition. Of course many revolved around travelling on Air Asia flights.

Photographs in the article show the sky wedding on board and the happy couples outside the plane. Another photograph has one couple standing with hostesses by the sign: “Love is in the …”

As the article reports:

“For Bonkotchatorn Kittialcharoen, who lives in Bangkok, getting married in the air symbolised the long distance relationship with her then boyfriend in Surat Thani. “Our love was tested by time and distance, and we were only able to see each other often because of Air Asia’s affordable fares. We are getting married in a special place that has made everything possible.””

Another story related the details of Wirongrong Phosuk. She said:

“I visited the Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai and prayed to meet the love of my life. Those prayers were answered when I met a pilot from Chiang Mai. The first time we confessed our love was on a plane that he was flying, and the first trip we ever took together was on AirAsia.”

Perhaps this post will inspire you to set some plans for your own wedding. Or perhaps you have a fun travel wedding story to share?

To find out more about the sky weddings see Air Asia’s Facebook page or blog.


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