Facebook envy leads to travel bookings downunder

Apparently seeing a friend’s holiday snaps on Facebook leads Brits to book an overseas holiday. And Australia is most likely to top the list.

Here’s a snippet of the report from TNT Magazine:

More than 25% of Brits have booked a holiday after seeing a friend’s Facebook pictures and feeling jealous, a study revealed. Australia tops the list of destinations most likely to induce envy.

27% are left feeling so jealous of their friend’s holiday, they end up booking their own.

The research, from Teletext Holidays, found that Australia, Bahamas and Barbados are the most envy-inducing destinations.

According to the study, 10% of people went on to arrange their own holiday after seeing someone else’s trip on Facebook, even if they originally had no plans to go away.

Almost a fifth booked an identical trip, including the same hotel, apartment or villa, after hearing about their friend’s holiday.

Holiday bragging is rife, with a quarter of Brits regularly updating their social networking profile with details of the weather and the fun they are having.

The top ten destinations most likely to induce jealousy:
1. Australia
2. Bahamas
3. Barbados
4. United States of America
5. Maldives
6. New Zealand
7. Mauritius
8. Florida
9. Seychelles
10. Canada
11. Thailand
12. Dubai
13. Mexico
14. Brazil
15. Dominican Republic
16. Italy
17. Jamaica
18. Cuba
19. South Africa
20. Egypt

So with that in mind start adding your favourite holiday snaps to our VIP Backpackers Facebook page. I’ve got the ball rolling!


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