Kingston Flyer to steam back into action

The Kingston Flyer in 2009. Pic: Joanne Lane,

A few years ago I was visiting friends in Queenstown and they took me down to see the delightful historic steam engine the Kingston Flyer that runs from Kingston to Fairlight.

Shortly later it went into receivership and for two years the engine and its carriages have sat idle by the tracks.

But I’m pleased to announce it’s due to start steaming back along the rails again shortly. It was purchased recently by a businessman David Bryce and fortunately the carriages and engine had been kept in good condition in the hopes someone might take over the ailing enterprise.

Bryce said it was a business deal but also involved some emotion. He actually saw the flyer when it was first launched back in 1971.

This is a snippet from the article and video from

Mr Glendinning (train driver) cannot wait to get the Flyer chugging down to Fairlight and back.
“To go past and see them sitting there’s quite sad, however we’ve kept them clean and looked after and the end result now is they’re going to go again.”

Mr Bryce is already planning to sell off some residential plots and wants to expand the attraction to appeal to cyclists on nearby trails, looking to hitch a ride home.

The train is expected to be steaming down the line to Fairlight by October.

If you’re heading to New Zealand later this year keep a look out for the flyer. It’s a fun half day trip activity out of Queenstown and the track runs through a beautiful part of country to Fairlight.

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