10 things to do in Australia before you die

Read on for the ultimate list of things to do in Australia.

1. Visit the rock
The great monolith, Uluru, beckons out in the middle of central Australia with walks, camping and the chance to learn about Aboriginal Australian heritage. An absolute must on your downunder list.

2. Drive the Great Ocean Road
You can’t beat the Great Ocean Road for romantic and scenic drives. Stretching between Melbourne and Adelaide it’s a good overland weekend trip, or you could make it longer stopping off to camp, surf, sight see and snorkel on the way.

3. See the New Year’s fireworks in Sydney Harbour
The ultimate New Years destination is a spot by the world famous Sydney harbour – go early for the best vantage spots.

2. Lay a punt at the Birdsville Races
This isn’t the race that stops the nation (the Melbourne Cup) but it’s more of a free for all and a lot more laid back. The only problem is it’s a bit of a drive out in far western Queensland. Totally worth it though for a weekend of fun in the outback.

5. The penguin parade on Phillip Island
There’s no cuter sight in the world than the nightly penguin parade on Phillip island. Watch them come out the ocean and waddle onland to their homes.

6. Go theme park mad on the Gold Coast
Queensland’s south east boats the country’s biggest swag of theme parks. From Dreamworld to Seaworld to Warner Brothers Movie World there’s a lot here to see and do if you like patting seals, checking out tigers, seeing Cat Woman and undertaking a lot of rides.

7. Get up close to a crocodile
As the saying goes, “Never smile at a crocodile,” but do make sure you get to see them while you’re in Australia. There are a lot of places to see these toothy specimens – some good places include the late Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo, up in Cairn’s Daintree area or Kakadu.

8. Go troppo on the reef
Head to the Great Barrier Reef for the best underwater experience you’ll have anywhere in the world with amazing corals and marine life to enjoy. There are plenty of diving, sailing and snorkeling experiences to be had.

9. Ride a camel on the beach
Broome has become the place to take a camel ride at sunset. You’ll definitely have a Lawrence of Arabia experience taking to the golden sands with the ultimate ship of the desert.

10. Tackle the Cradle Mountain National Park
The 65km walk from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair is one of Australia’s most famous walks and most beautiful. If you can’t take on the full challenge of the entire trek there are plenty of shorter options with unparalleled views.

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