Follow up: Cairns breaks Zumba world record

Last month we posted a blog about Cairns attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the number of Zumba dancers.

We are happy to report (sorry for the late notice) that Cairns did become the Zumba capital of the world!!

Here are some of the details from the Cairns Post:

CAIRNS is claiming the title of Zumba capital of the world after more than 3000 people crammed into Fogarty Park yesterday to set a new mark for Guinness World Records.

The official tally last night was 3105 people, including Donna Patane (centre) of Cairns, who took part in the 30-minute dance fitness session and organisers are confident the record will be officially recognised next month.

IT was more like a rock concert than fitness class as a Cairns crowd of more than 3000 unofficially set the world record for the most participants at a Zumba class.

A sea of people screamed and punched the air after they completed the largest 30-minute Zumba beginner class at Fogarty Park yesterday.

Locals and visitors alike got their hearts pumping to the energetic Latin dance beats of the worldwide dance phenomenon.

Barring any disqualifications, the final figure of 3105 people has been submitted to the Guinness World Records which will process the numbers before making an official ruling in four weeks’ time.

And they also posted a YouTube video of the action.

If you want to visit Cairns remember we have lots of accommodation and tour options in north Queensland.


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