Hone your pumpkin rolling skills for a festival with a difference


Pic: SouthernForestFestival

How are your pumpkin rolling skills? If you think you have what it takes to roll a pumpkin cleanly to victory, then you might want to check yourself into the Pemberton Southern Forests Festival in WA.

Held on the weekend 21-22nd April the festival is all about the local food and wine, which is where the pumpkins come in. But the pumpkin roll down the main street is just one of many events and exhibitions that also include music, photography, drummers, timber work and more.

Here are some details:

With a major focus on regional food and wine the Southern Forest Festival -PEMBERTON will commence on Friday night the 20th of April with art shows, bands and local banquets at local venues.
This will be followed by the main festival on Saturday the 21st of April with FREE ENTRY and activities for both adults and kids including professional musicians, cooking demonstrations, fresh produce stalls, gold coin donation for kids rides, local arts, crafts and design and more.
For day three a self-drive tour of some of the regions wineries, cafes, tourist icons, art galleries and gardens will be organized for those that want to get out and see what our region really offers. Or you may just like to sit back and watch the local Football club woodchop fundraiser in the centre of Pemberton mid afternoon.
The inaugural Southern Forest Festival – PEMBERTON will also include the Pemberton Arts Group Easter Art Show, the A+ National Wine Show and the Relentless Blue Mountain Bike Race, which is held on Pemberton’s new and torturous mountain bike trail on the 21st of April.

So just where is Pemberton? Well it’s about 330km south of Perth and a very scenic drive. So we suggest you stay in a VIP hostel in Perth and head down there for the weekend.


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