Attention-seeking airlines and what they offer

What do you want on your next flight? A shower, mini-bar, internet or draught beer?

Airlines are pulling out all stops to make them appeal to customers over other carriers.

Let’s take a look at some of these:
Emirates – showers for first class
Emirates and Etihad – mini-bars
Air New Zealand – Skycouch for families and induction ovens
Lufthansa – economy class bunk beds, noise-absorbent carpets and curtains for first class, angled lie-flat seats
All Nippon Airways – kegs and draught beer, private suites, private pools in airport lounges
Finnair – saunas in airport lounges, in-seat power outlets, full-flat seats
Virgin America – seatback digital shopping platform, satelitte TV, 3D games
KLM – free iPhone app
Singapore Airlines – private double suites
Southwest – free bags, free alcoholic beverages for special festivals
Cathay Pacific – onboard rice cookers, Internet, cellphone connectivity

The question remains though, are these things important to us as budget travelers or do we really just want the next cheapest flight? What do you look for when booking an airline – price, innovation or services?


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