10 images of the Beer Can Regatta

It was wild, it was wet and there were plenty of beer cans, although no doubt many in the crowd regretted they were empty. But still that’s the whole idea of the Darwin’s annual beer can regatta – to use as many cans as you can to make a boat and keep it afloat.

And they did manage to although the final race of the day descended into chaos with water balloons and even flour and eggs being thrown between the competitors.

If you missed it this year here are some images to bring the day alive. Keep it in mind for next year! In our last blog we listed some of the great places to stay and things to do in Darwin.

It started quietly enough with officials inspecting each boat. This one was named “The Bunnanator” and made by a crew from Bunnings.

While the competitors’ boats were impressive this monster effort from a local tavern with 30,000 cans, totally stole the show. It moored just offshore serving drinks at the beer can bar all day long.

Some of the additional events on the day include a tug-of-war.

There was also the thong throwing competition. In Australia thongs are flip flops and they don’t fly straight!

Despite some very serious attempts the male vs female thong-off resulted in a male winner.

The boats were raced intermittently but increasingly looked worse for wear.

Carnage from the boats, not the spectators.

In the last event it was pandemonium as boats crashed into one another.

Kids played on what was left of the boats.

And in the end someone emerged victorious–not sure exactly how or the criteria–and they got a prize – a beer can trophy of course!

All images by Joanne Lane, www.visitedplanet.com


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