Head to North Queensland for solar eclipse

Pic: eclipsecairns.com

Early on November 14 a full solar eclipse will be visible from North Queensland. So if you’re in the area, get up early, don your special glasses and look up to see it.

About 5.45am in this region you will witness this rare natural phenomenon when the moon blocks out the sun completely – eerie!

While the actual totality of the eclipse is pretty short (about 2 minutes near Port Douglas), there will be plenty of other ways to celebrate the event as well. Port Douglas and Cairns both have an Eclipse Festival on the 10-16 with days of music, workshops, dance and fun before and after the actual event. There’s also an Eclipse Marathon – this video might inspire you to join in.

Accommodation in the area and other services are starting to get booked out, so make sure you make your plans soon. We have accommodation in both Cairns and Port Douglas.

You can see a full map of the path of the eclipse here. However do note a partial eclipse will be visible throughout Australia. If you plan to view the eclipse make sure you follow safety instructions for your eyewear here. Happy eclipsing!


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