5 merry Christmas ideas

Pic: Chod HoundOkay

Pic: Chod HoundOkay

Ho ho ho, happy Christmas!

The silly season is well and truly upon us. VIP Backpackers has embraced the mood with a newsletter packed with destination ideas. Here’s a preview:

So we know some of you definitely seek the cold climes at Christmas so you can ski and snowboard yourselves silly. Banff is the place to do all of that with big skies, big slopes and big fun. It also has one of the longest snow seasons in North America. If that doesn’t have you sweating to get your ticket, although perhaps that should be shivering given temperatures here tary on the cool side in winter, the mix of slopes and off-piste action will. Click to read more …

For a medieval Christmas with the opportunity to skate in the town square, eat lots of wonderful Bruges chocolate and marvel at the ice sculptures in the annual festival, head to this little known town in Europe. Click to read more …

If you want to see the end of the world (December 21) and celebrate Christmas a few days later (December 25), the place to go is where it all began in Mayan land – although you could escape the need to buy Christmas presents at all if it goes according to their predictions. Click to read more …

Just 8km off the coast of Townsville, this mountainous island is a world away for travelers seeking an off world experience. A lot of the island is national park so there’s plenty of wildlife to ogle at, walking tracks to wander, hideaway bays to explore or relax on to work on your tan. If you feel adventurous you might like to climb the highest point on the island, Mount Cook, rent a scooter, go diving or even angling. Then there’s the jet skis, the WWII remnants, sea kayaking and bikes. Click to read more …

Travel to Hawkes Bay this Christmas and you could be sitting on a beach sipping some of New Zealand’s finest wines. This part of the country is renowned for its wild coastlines, river valleys and terraced vineyards – a great combination should you be seeking some wine and seafood for your Christmas dinner. Click to read more …


Hope you’re enjoying the VIP Backpacker’s Travel Blog. If there are any travel topics you want covered feel free to contact Jo at viplounge@vipbackpackers.com

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