Five cool places to summer downunder

1072-PenguinsIt can get roasting hot in Australia and even New Zealand over the summer, but for those of you that don’t like to end up char grilled don’t worry! There are plenty of cool places as well. Let’s take a look.

1. Philip Island, Melbourne
Philip island is famous for its penguins, and if the little tuxedo clad characters can handle the weather here, so can you. Located within a few hours of Melbourne, Philip Island is the perfect escape from the heat of the city during the summer months. See the nightly penguin parade, enjoy walks on the island, take in the reliably good surf conditions or just relax.
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2. Blue Mountains, NSW
793_Blue_Mountains_Trolley_ToursIf you’re hanging out in Sydney and finding it all too warm, then take a drive just an hour out of the city and enjoy the coolness, clarity and beauty of the hills and ranges of the Blue Mountains. There’s plenty to do here. Explore the dark, cool of the Jenolan Caves, take on one of the excellent walking tracks then cool down in the waterfalls afterwards, or simply hang out in quaint little towns with plenty of antique stores and cafes to hang out in.
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3. Tasmania
Let’s face it anywhere on the apple isle is usually a lot cooler than anywhere else in the country. Hang out in Hobart and enjoy the wonderful food of the Salamanca markets, be wowed by the crazy new museum MONA or summit Mt Wellington where it’s always cool on a hot day. If you’re in Launceston then simply head out to the gorge where there are shady picnic spots and a beautiful free pool to swim in. Anywhere else in the country you’re never far from a lake, a stream or beautiful beaches to enjoy.
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4. Rainbow Beach, Queensland
If it’s summer one of the best places to be is right on the beach. Not only is it cooler by the water than inland, you can swim, fish, go boating or just relax. Rainbow Beach is one of the most chilled out surf side towns on the Queensland coast with easy access to miles of beach and Fraser Island.
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5.  Queenstown, New Zealand
385_queenstowncomboWhile Queenstown is renowned for its winter sports, it’s a great place to come in summer too and no, it’s not too hot. And even if it is you can always jump into Lake Wakatipu if it does get warm. Queenstown has plenty of fun activities to keep you cool – you can take a tour on the steamship across the lake or simply rent a kayak and head out to explore, enjoy the thrills of jet boating, do some white water rafting or even hiking in the cool of the hills. A particularly good walk is beyond the Remarkables ski area up to the alpine lake above it. Take a jacket up here even in summer as the wind can be bracing.
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