Best job in the world – the shortlisted applications

If yoThe Best Jobs in the World Logou were one of the 30,000 hopefuls in the recent round of Australia’s “best job in the world” openings, then you will want to check out the short listed applications that went live yesterday.

Positions available included chief funster, lifestyle photograph, outback adventurer, park ranger, taste manager and wildlife caretaker in six of Australia’s states and territories. Applicants had 30 seconds to indicate in a video why they were the best person for the job. Click here to see the successful applicants.

Apply Now for Chief Funster in New South Wales Apply Now for Outback Adventurer in NT Apply Now for Park Ranger in Queensland
Apply Now for Wildlife Caretaker in South Australia Apply Now for Lifestyle Photographer in Melbourne Apply Now for Taste Master in Western Australia

And if you missed all the hype this time around here’s the promotional video to see what it’s all about:


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