Finalists chosen for the Best Job in the World

Finalists for Best Job in the World. Pic: Tourism Australia.

Pic: Tourism Australia.

According to Tourism Australia the best job in the world involves gazing at sunsets, patting koalas, diving with seals, tasting great wine and food and living down under. We’re guessing you probably agree with them! If you did you may have been one of the 330,000 entrants to their recent competition, the Best Job in the World, you may even have been one of the 18 selected as a finalist!

There were actually 620,000 applications by 330,000 individuals from 196 countries and 46,000 video entries. From those just three candidates have been selected for each of the six dream jobs (park ranger, lifestyle photographer, wildlife caretaker, Outback adventurer, chief funster and taste master) . The 18 finalists come from 12 different countries:  United States (5), England (2), France (2), Afghanistan (1), Belgium (1), Brazil (1), Canada (1), Germany (1), Hong Kong (1), Ireland (1), Scotland (1) and Taiwan (1). Here’s the list:

Wildlife Caretaker (South Australia)

  • Hsin Hsuan Hsieh, Taiwan
  • Greg Snell, Canada
  • Nick Tilley, USA
Chief funster finalist

Chief funster finalist

Chief Funster (New South Wales)

  • Holly Easterbrook, England
  • Brittany Macleod, USA
  • Andrew Smith, USA

Park Ranger (Queensland)

  • Elisa Detrez, France
  • Chris Leung, Hong Kong
  • Jo Muskus, Scotland

Taste Master (Western Australia)

  • Rich Keam, England
  • Rebecca Morris, USA
  • Julian Button, Germany
Outback adventurer finalist

Outback adventurer finalist

Outback Adventurer (Northern Territory)

  • Allan Dixon, Ireland
  • Graham Freeman, USA
  • Aude Mayans, France

Lifestyle Photographer (Melbourne, Victoria) 

  • Moska Najib, Afghanistan
  • Marie Michiels, Belgium
  • Roberto Seba, Brazil

To check out some of their video applications click here.

The next phase of the competition is to fly these 18 finalists to and around Australia and spend a week undergoing a series of challenges relevant to their chosen job. The final winners will be announced in Sydney on 21 June 2013. The jobs are due to start in August. Read more here.


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