It’s time for the movies: open air cinemas around Australia

Every summer Australia’s cities come alive with open air cinemas that utilise the balmy night temperatures at feature locations around the country. If you fancy seeing your favourite movie at a key location overlooking the Brisbane river, Sydney harbour or Melbourne’s St Kilda beach, this kind of cinema might just be your thing.



Ben & Jerry’s Openair Cinemas hits capital cities around Australia like Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth with classics like Grease and Point Break, or latest releases like Blue Jasmine or recent favourites such as The Great Gatsby. They are also held in fantastic locations like Brisbane’s Southbank and Melbourne’s St Kilda. This year the season runs on the following dates:
Brisbane: 20 October – 24 November
Adelaide: 1 December to 22 December
Melbourne: 1 December to 22 December
Sydney: 23 January to 2 March
Canberra: 14 February to 8 March
Perth: tbc

The Opel Moonlight Cinema also features throughout the summer in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Port Douglas and Sydney. The program for 2013/2014 is yet to be announced but keep checking their site for details as ticket sales are announced starting the first or second week of November.

The St George Open Air cinema will run this year in Sydney’s Mrs Macquaries Point for 33 days from 10 January to 15 February.

Darwin’s fabulous Deck Chair Cinema has a slightly different season as it needs to operate in the drier season. It runs from April to November. This year it closes on 17 November. This year they’ve featured Australian movies like Mystery Road and older favourites like Much Ado About Nothing.

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