Guide to Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks

So you’ve decided to head to Sydney for New Year’s Eve with the hordes for the ultimate way to welcome in the new ear, but where do you go and what do you do? Here’s a guide to help you score the best New Year’s Eve possible in Sydney.

Find a vantage point for the fireworks
The website gives you a map showing good places from where to see the fireworks in the city and the suburbs. While seeing the action from along the Rocks or Circular Quay is the ultimate, you don’t have to go to quite that much effort as you’ll see from the map – there are lots of other places to go as well. Remember also that some locations are ticketed so you will need to plan ahead. The important thing is to stake out your spot very early–remember 1.6 million come into the foreshore area on December 31–and then be prepared to wait it out. Bring food, friends, drinks, an umbrella and sunblock and enjoy the day!

Check the program of events has published a program that starts at 6pm with aerial acrobatics above Sydney Harbour and continues right through to the fireworks at midnight. Check out all the events. Remember there’s also the 9PM Family Fireworks followed by the Harbour of Light Parade if you can’t quite make it until midnight.

Getting around
Much of the city is closed to traffic over New Year’s Eve and public transport is the only option. For services and information:
Phone: 131 500
TTY: 1800 637 500

On the water
There are various cruise options, ferries, private boat parties and other craft on the water during the New Year’s Eve festivities. It is a legitimate, and fun, way to watch what’s going on. There are some restrictions to where you can, how fast you can travel etc that are listed in full here.

Where to stay and what to do
Remember we have a number of hostels where you can stay in Sydney and tours and packages to keep you busy when you’re in the city.

Happy New Year!!


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