An experience downunder: working on a cattle station

While many people come to Australia to find work fruit picking or in tourist resorts, a quintessential experience is to work on cattle station. While this requires more effort, experience and possibly commitment too, it will definitely be an experience that you’ll not get elsewhere given the size, type and lifestyle offered on these stations. And for a real experience of Australia and its beautiful, remote places it can’t be beat. You’ll never be bored, you’ll be challenged every day and you’ll meet some real salt of the earth locals!

Cattle stations are not just about mustering cattle either, they are often looking for cooks, governesses, childcare positions and gardening staff plus if you have a skill such as a motorbike license, mechanical skills or can drive a truck you may find yourself snapped up rather quickly. Continue reading


Great Aussie workplace traditions

So you’ve come to Australia to work, or you’re thinking of it, and trying to work out all the lingo and what’s going on. Here are some workplace traditions and slang to get your head around.

Friday afternoon drinks
Some workplaces will head down to the local pub/bar for a drink or two after work. Some might even have it in the workplace. Most people are always up for this kind of thing of course!! If you’re not still consider going along; it’s not expected but you’ll get to know your colleagues better and fit in more.
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