5 winter hostels in Australia

It’s cooling down in Australia at present meaning it’s time to find snug hostels that will keep you warm and  entertained during the coming months. Here’s a selection from around the country featuring log fires and other cozy arrangements.
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Five cool places to summer downunder

1072-PenguinsIt can get roasting hot in Australia and even New Zealand over the summer, but for those of you that don’t like to end up char grilled don’t worry! There are plenty of cool places as well. Let’s take a look.

1. Philip Island, Melbourne
Philip island is famous for its penguins, and if the little tuxedo clad characters can handle the weather here, so can you. Located within a few hours of Melbourne, Philip Island is the perfect escape from the heat of the city during the summer months. See the nightly penguin parade, enjoy walks on the island, take in the reliably good surf conditions or just relax.
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