5 hip and holy Easter locations

Priests carrying cross Barcelona, Spain by Joanne Lane

Easter in Barcelona, Spain. Pic: Joanne Lane, http://www.visitedplanet.com

Religious festivals marking the Easter celebrations are far from staid and boring. In fact some of these are amongst some of the most interesting you’ll find in your travels. With that in mind here are five VIP Backpacker locations where you can use your discount card for accommodation and tours, while taking part in some of the hippest Easter festivals on the planet. Continue reading

Visiting Rome – the eternal city

I left Rome yesterday with a bottle of wine in hand – a gift from the hotel where I spent the last few days. A fantastic momento of Rome sure but also completely impractical. In fact I couldn’t fit it in my luggage and gave it to the girl who checked me in at the airport. She was having dinner with the girl at the – desk next to her so they thanked me with gusto and I wished them “buon apetito“. Italians never say no to a bottle of wine! But it’s also moments like these that make being in Italy so memorable.

And what is memorable here? Well everything. Rome features the Trevi fountain, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, St Peters, Spanish steps, Appia Antica… a list that reads like a list of credits.
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