5 hip and holy Easter locations

Priests carrying cross Barcelona, Spain by Joanne Lane

Easter in Barcelona, Spain. Pic: Joanne Lane, http://www.visitedplanet.com

Religious festivals marking the Easter celebrations are far from staid and boring. In fact some of these are amongst some of the most interesting you’ll find in your travels. With that in mind here are five VIP Backpacker locations where you can use your discount card for accommodation and tours, while taking part in some of the hippest Easter festivals on the planet. Continue reading

VIP Destinations: Top 10 places to go in 2011

It’s that time of year when we make a few predictions about places we think could go off in the new year. Here’s a few places to consider during your travels in 2011. All are VIP destinations so that means you’ll have a fine choice of accommodation and tour/packages when you get there. Enjoy!

These summaries have been lifted from our current newsletter:

1. Alice Springs, Australia

Alice Springs Camel Cup, www.visitedplanet.comThanks to Oprah Winfrey’s visit late in 2010, we think outback Australia is going to take off this year. The US talk show host didn’t get to Alice, but she did get to Uluru and Alice is your stepping stone to the rock. So get to Alice and learn all about desert environments, Aboriginal people, colonial history in the region and then head out into the wilderness around – there are plenty of canyons, chasms, gorges and odd formations before you even get to Uluru. A fun itinerary would be heading through the West MacDonnell ranges, down past Kings Canyon and onto Uluru and back to Alice. Click here for VIP Hostels.
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Hola Hola from southern Spain

It’s October on the Costa del Sol but the other day it was 33 degrees!! Warm enough to jump in the swimming pool and head down the beach. No wonder there’s so many expats living down here, in fact I read the other day that the percentage of foreigners moving to this region of Spain continues to go up every year. It’s easy to seeΒ  why with temperatures like these well into Autumn.

Anyway my brother is now one of these foreigners, so I’ve been here almost a week visiting him near San Pedro, about 20 minutes from Marbella. There’s plenty to see in this region and if you don’t have a brother to stay with, VIP Backpackers does have hostels in Alicante and Malaga which aren’t too far away. Alternatively you could also stay in Granada or Sevilla, both about 2-3 hours from this section of coast.
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