10 fantastic Easter events for a ripping holiday

Easter is pending and if you’re planning a getaway here are some great ideas for a truly memorable Easter holiday in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA. Of course feel free to review last year’s suggestions too at this link.

1. The Royal Easter show

* Sydney
If you’re inspired by the pending nuptials in England and want something of the Royal variety head to Sydney for the biggest Easter event in the country. Held from 14 April to 27 April it features animals, competitions, entertainment and showbags and attracts 900,000 visitors. The idea of the show is to bring the country to the city.

* Auckland
The Kiwi version of the Easter Show, 21 to 25 April, is a good option if you’re over in NZ. And we hope you do get there this year to help them through a tough year after the Christchurch earthquake.Β  There’s wine, cats, equestrian, carnival and street entertainment to enjoy if you do.

2. Easterfest (Australian Gospel Music Festival), Toowoomba (QLD)
The Toowoomba music celebration held every Easter (22-24 April this year) has become one of the more meaningful places to spend the weekend while still having fun. It’s Australia’s largest drug and alcohol fee festival and it does have a Christian focus. Don’t let that put you off though, this might be good clean fun but there’s plenty of pumping action. There’s free style BMX, skate boarding and motorcross and a host of bands from across the world from rock to hip hop and everything in between. Toowoomba had a horrific summer when an inland tsunami crashed through the town and coming will help the town recover from the floods. Check out the video if you’re not convinced:

Easterfest Trailer 1 – 2011 from Easterfest on Vimeo.

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Visiting Rome – the eternal city

I left Rome yesterday with a bottle of wine in hand – a gift from the hotel where I spent the last few days. A fantastic momento of Rome sure but also completely impractical. In fact I couldn’t fit it in my luggage and gave it to the girl who checked me in at the airport. She was having dinner with the girl at the – desk next to her so they thanked me with gusto and I wished them “buon apetito“. Italians never say no to a bottle of wine! But it’s also moments like these that make being in Italy so memorable.

And what is memorable here? Well everything. Rome features the Trevi fountain, Colosseum, Roman Forum, Pantheon, St Peters, Spanish steps, Appia Antica… a list that reads like a list of credits.
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Easter ideas

With the pending approach of another holiday – albeit a short one – it’s time to come up with some ideas for the long weekend. It’s never too early to start planning so here’s a few to consider in different parts of the world:

Byron Bay Blues and Roots Festival, New South Wales, Australia
This annual festival is the ultimate way to spend the Easter weekend. With a lineup this year including Buena Vista Social Club, John Butler, Jack Johnson, Troy Cassar-Daley, the Gipsy Kings and even Lyle Lovett you’ll want to be there. Just pack your wellies – it often rains on this coastal area at this time of year. VIP Backpackers has a ton of offerings for accommodation and tours in this area. When you’re not at the BluesFest you could surf, ski dive, sun bake or tour the local markets. There’s plenty to do!

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Best Christmas Experiences

Here in Australia we have a green – or perhaps I should say brown – Christmas. I start the day by swimming with my dad at Southbank, a man-made beach here in Brisbane. Yep, you guessed it, Christmas day is piping hot here! After that the whole family goes to my uncle’s place by the beach at Wynnum / Manly where we eat a lot of salads, cold meat and icy drinks. If the heat is not too unbearable, we muster up a bit of energy for backyard cricket and then wander down to the waterfront to enjoy the afternoon breeze, or pretend there is one…
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Post Travel Blues

I’m back at home now recovering from my 10 weeks on the road. I’ve washed my clothes, dusted out my pack, displayed my souvenirs and showed photos to anyone that shows the slightest interest; but really the memories of travel are already starting to fade with the return to routine. These post-travel blues are very sad but fortunately I was saved today when Maureen Wheeler, co-founder of Lonely Planet with husband Tony, came on the radio to talk my favourite subject – travel!

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