Learning to surf 101

If you’ve come to Australia one of the best things you can do with your time is learn to surf. Not only can you catch some killer waves but you’ll learn some pretty cool lingo too like what it means to do an acid drop, go goofty foot or get in the green room.

VIP Backpackers has some fantastic surf packages all over the country and a few are listed below. These take place on amazing bits of beach such as famous stretches like Bondi in Sydney, the Great Ocean Road where you’ll have fantastic scenery to keep you company, the hype of Byron Bay on the north New South Wales coast, and the renowned Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast in Queensland. Continue reading

6 great travel tours to do over Easter

Looking for something fun to do this Easter? Here are six fantastic tours we offer that will keep you laughing, happy and enthralled over the holiday season in Australia.

These take in Australia’s Great Ocean Road, fantastic surfing spots on the East Coast and plenty of reef and rainforest.

Groovy Grape Getaways – 3 Day Great Ocean Road & Grampians (Adelaide-Melbourne)
Hostel ImageThe grooviest coastal adventure around. One of the world`s best coastal routes blended with the beauty and history of the Grampians National Park, making this one of the best trips in Australia.

Show me that horizon – from a deserted Malaysian beach…

Pulau Kecil, www.visitedplanet.com

I’ve been wallowing on an island in Malaysia for the past week. And I mean that. I’ve been sick and the most active I could get was to wander into the shallows and cool off, then head back under the trees and sleep. Probably not dissimilar to some of the large green turtles I saw here that had no real hurry. Still an island with little to do, other than this, is a good choice when you’re sick with flu. And I did get better and then availed of the fantastic snorkelling trips (turtles, fish and sharks!), sea kayaking and jungle walks.

For those wondering where I am, it’s Pulau Kecil on the Perhentians off the east Malaysia coast in the South China sea. Eat your heart out or look it up on a map and start working out how you can get here. When you do you’ll understand the title “show me that horizon” – today the sea and sky just blended together as one… bliss…
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Best places to surf the east coast

Even if you’re not a surfer, this list of great places on the east coast will be fantastic for the sun or beach lover. It also features some of the most beautiful coastal areas to visit. We’ve listed a smattering of places up and down the coast, feel free to write in and add more!

We know it’s getting a little cooler in Australia at the moment, but it won’t dissuade northern hemisphere types used to colder waves and many locations on the east coast you can surf all year round thanks to wonderful balmy winter temperatures. Anyway, you might not happen on our blog until summer anyway!

Locations feature Bells Beach, Bondi Beach, Byron Bay, Noosa and Kirra… so pack your shorts, swimmers and your board and read on…

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Reasons President Obama should visit Australia

It was announced today that US President Barack Obama won’t be visiting Australia next week. On behalf of those that live in or have visited the land downunder, I think it’s time to tell Mr Obama all the wonderful things he’ll be missing out on. While we appreciate the important domestic reasons he can’t visit us, if he’s checking the blogosphere this could be our chance to give him great reasons to visit and bring his family. I’ll get the ball rolling, but feel free to jump in with all your reasons President Obama should visit Australia.

– to play golf and see crocs at the same time, what nation offers that?
– to take daughters Malia and Sasha to see our beautiful newly born baby elephant Mr Shuffles at Taronga Park Zoo
– catch some class action waves at Bondi, Bells or Byron beaches
– learn some Aussie phrases like “G’day mate” and “okey dokey”
– to stock up on Aussie meat pies, pavolva (shh don’t tell the Kiwis), lamingtons and a barbecue with mouthwatering steaks
– visit a big rock in the middle of nowhere – Uluru if you haven’t caught on
– climb, camp in, kayak or generally enjoy world class rainforests, rivers, sand dunes, lakes, beaches and mountains
– visit one of the world’s greatest harbours in Sydney and take Michelle to see the Opera House, ferry ride across to Manly beach or walk the girls across Sydney Harbour Bridge
– parasail, bungy jump, raft, jetboat, snorkel or scuba dive in or over the Great Barrier Reef

Okay it’s your turn now…

Why should President Barack Obama visit Australia?


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