Five cheap things to do in Hobart

Salamanca markets, Pic: Joanne Lane,

Salamanca markets, Pic: Joanne Lane,

Continuing in our series of “cheap things to do” in Australian cities (see Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane entries), here’s five things to do in Hobart, Tasmania.

Wander the Salamanca Markets
The incredible Salamanca Markets held on Saturdays are located in a street filled with sandstone warehouses by the picturesque harbour. It costs nothing to enter and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells as you browse past rows of stalls, enjoying the buskers and open air. Of course if you feel the need to fill up on jams, cheeses, chocolates, mead or other delights they aren’t that expensive. There are excellent food options too for snacks and meals. We have tours of the markets too (click here).

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Five cool places to summer downunder

1072-PenguinsIt can get roasting hot in Australia and even New Zealand over the summer, but for those of you that don’t like to end up char grilled don’t worry! There are plenty of cool places as well. Let’s take a look.

1. Philip Island, Melbourne
Philip island is famous for its penguins, and if the little tuxedo clad characters can handle the weather here, so can you. Located within a few hours of Melbourne, Philip Island is the perfect escape from the heat of the city during the summer months. See the nightly penguin parade, enjoy walks on the island, take in the reliably good surf conditions or just relax.
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Top 10 Christmas locations Down Under

Our latest newsletter is now out!! Here’s a snippet and two of the 10 locations we recommend:

With Christmas fast approaching we give you a list of ten places down under in Australia and New Zealand that you can sip wines, sit on a beach, enjoy the views and the festivities. All these locations are the perfect place to wile away a few lazy summer days and a good sojourn for the Christmas period.


There is no bad time of year to visit the gorgeous central Queensland but Christmas is particularly wonderful. Think wonderful warm days, golden sands, aquamarine waters and a plethora of wildlife to see above and below the sea. Highlights include a visit to world famous Whitehaven Beach with its gorgeous silica white sands, sailing trips and tours around the islands, all the night life at Airlie Beach and tropical island getaways.

A highlight for many VIP Backpackers is staying on the Adventure Island resort on South Molle island where you can snorkel, dive, paddle board or bush walk to your hearts content in eco splendour. But we also have accommodation in Airlie Beach.


Just 235km from Melbourne, the Grampians National Park is a fantastic way to get back to nature this Christmas and a good way to escape the crowds either in Melbourne or Adelaide or along the Great Ocean Road. Heritage listed for its rich natural beauty, visitors can enjoy rock art sites, striking sandstone mountain ranges, notable wildflowers and fabulous walking tracks.

VIP Backpackers has accommodation in Halls Gap – one of the best locations in this spectacular wilderness.

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10 things to do in Australia before you die

Read on for the ultimate list of things to do in Australia.

1. Visit the rock
The great monolith, Uluru, beckons out in the middle of central Australia with walks, camping and the chance to learn about Aboriginal Australian heritage. An absolute must on your downunder list.

2. Drive the Great Ocean Road
You can’t beat the Great Ocean Road for romantic and scenic drives. Stretching between Melbourne and Adelaide it’s a good overland weekend trip, or you could make it longer stopping off to camp, surf, sight see and snorkel on the way.
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